Since getting to know Hugh Campbell of GP Bullhound in early 2013 (thanks to Garry Partington of Apadmi for the introduction), which resulted in the acquisition of highly successful Northern Tech Awards on 1st August 2013, GP Bullhound has continued to grow its market share within the technology sector, especially in the North of England.

northerntechawards acquisition by GPBullhound from Techcelerate

Who are GP Bullhound?

GP Bullhound are a boutique investment bank focusing on provision of advice on mergers and acquisitions, capital raising and private placing in the technology sector. GP Bullhound was founded by Hugh Campbell, Manish Madhavni and Per Roman in 2001 and soon acquired a name for deal making in the technology sector. In 2013, Hugh Campbell moved back to Manchester where he grew up. Acquisition of Northern Tech Awards from Techcelerate gave them the asset to build their profile quickly in the North of England. Today, GP Bullhound have offices in London, San Francisco, Stockholm, Berlin, Manchester and Paris.

GP Bullhound founders

What does this strategic Partnership means?

Venture 9 was setup to help technology companies and other clients achieve a step change in their businesses. This might be through expansion of the business which may require external capital or for the founders and senior managers to exit. It could also be through acquisitions. Venture 9 now has a strategic and trusted partner to call on, when our clients need that capital, acquisition or exit.

If you are interested in hearing more, do contact Manoj for a private discussion.

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