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Welcome to Venture 9 through which I offer consultancy and advisory services from Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) to large corporates. Whilst I am willing to take on almost any project within my range of competencies, following are six areas I prefer to focus on:

  1. Digital transformation – helping companies to switch from traditional sales based organisations to relying more on digital for inbound leads and conversion.
  2. Business transformation – helping organisations to achieve a step change through review of processes, people and technology against a clear strategy.
  3. Technology – Selection of technologies to help with digital and business transformation.
  4. Commercialisation – Helping to commercialise new products and turn projects into companies.
  5. Product design – Turning ideas into software products including execution of go-to-market strategies.
  6. Ecosystems – Development of communities and ecosystems.

If you like to know how Venture 9 could help you and your organisation, please get in touch with Manoj.

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