Pegasus Imaging Corporation was founded by Jack Berlin in 1991, as a reseller of fractal image compression and decompression toolkits, and image compression applications. In 2012, the company was rebranded as Accusoft and continued to grow both through organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

Accusoft achieved success as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with key customers such as Yahoo, McKesson, EMC and Unisys.

With technology advancements continue to shape our lives in consumer markets, Salesforce brought in a new business model to market in 2001. Instead of continuing with licensed software and on-premise applications, Salesforce introduced us to cloud computing and a subscription based business model, which is now known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).

By 2014/15, Accusoft started to focus on introducing cloud computing with SaaS based business model. As a part of this strategy, edocr was acquired, which allowed Accusoft to showcase their impressive document viewing technology.

edocr, a business document sharing website focuses on garnering leads for its users. With a vast user base and an impressive Alexa ranking in the business document sharing space, it became a significant addition to the Accusoft brand.

Upon the acquisition, the technology was completely overhauled incorporating Accusoft document viewing technology and removing any technical debt it had. As a result, the new edocr was faster and highly scalable with a new design.

Manoj was contracted to review and advise on commercial models for new including market analysis and product positioning within the content marketing segment.

Jack commented,

“Manoj Ranaweera is an insightful, accomplished analyst of technology trends and market behaviour. A successful entrepreneur in his own right, he brings passion and understanding of the tech market that is hard to match.  

Accusoft, a 25 year old software company in the content management space, has contracted with Manoj on several occasions for market analysis and market positioning. He has continuously grasped the project and delivered a great result in a tight timeframe. He demonstrated deep technical knowledge, research capacity and a clear understanding of our clients, brand and key messages. I would have no hesitation in working with Manoj again – he’s a true professional.”

If you like to know how Venture 9 could help you and your organisation, please get in touch with Manoj.

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