Since beginning of my career in 1992, I have been building partnerships of one kind or another. In mid ’90s, as an employee of two large global engineering consultancies, I built partnerships with consortia to go after large infrastructure contracts (e.g. winning the 30 year concession to build and operate Croydon Tramlink).

Since becoming a tech entrepreneur in 2004, I have been developing different kinds of partnerships through integrations (e.g. Marketo LaunchPoint Partner for edocr) and distribution channels, as well as strategic technology partnerships (e.g. Livestax for UnifiedVU).


Maketo LaunchPoint Partner



Developing a Partner led sales strategy

As a technology company, your ultimate goal is to find a scalable distribution channel to reach the desired customers as cost-effectively as possible. Depending on the type of business the type of ideal partner changes. For Xero, it’s accountants and bookkeepers. For Salesforce, its global system integrators including consultancy firms.

Venture 9 can not only create a viable partnership strategy, but can help you identify and tap into the ideal partners.


Developing an Integration Strategy to extend product offering

Since founding of my first tech startup in 2004, ebdex, I have been adopting integration strategies to bring a competitive advantage to products developed. In 2012, I achieved over 250% growth for edocr when we started integrating with strategic SaaS partners.

Since starting UnifiedVU, we have built 24 integrations extending some of the relationships developed during the days of We can not only share the knowledge acquired during the years in addition to creating an integration strategy, but can also help you build the integrations using our experienced in-house software engineers.


UnifiedVU Connectors


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