There are many reasons why UK should be considered as a key market for American, Asian and Australasian technology companies. Whilst common language makes it easy to do business, UK is a business friendly country with ability to setup a subsidiary in record time without any red tape.

Projected GDP

Whilst our standing in the global economy is expected to slide, we have nevertheless produced most of the European unicorns thanks to access to capital markets and talent.


If you are thinking of launching and servicing your customers in the UK and need representation, then I could not only help you with building a winning market entry strategy, but can help you with business development, distribution channel partner development, recruitment, day-to-day operations and customer support.

If you do not already have a legal entity established, the process could start with registration of your technology business in the UK, including tapping into various government incentives available. Then it’s a matter of deciding how much assistance you would require from a day a week to full time.

For enquiries, do reach out to or call Manoj on +44 7769734491.

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