I first met ex-CEO of CashTech (after his company was acquired by FundTech) on a flying visit to meet me near Manchester Airport in 2017, which resulted in FundTech acquiring Accountis for £5.8 million in cash. Whilst my role was limited, this was the first M&A where I had a part to play, especially where my contribution influenced the outcome.


Through Techcelerate, I helped a number of tech entrepreneurs and their teams meet investors and deal makers, which led to investments, e.g. Tony investing into Ed and creating Intuitive Business Intelligence in the process, and Tim and Tom getting into Difference Engine as a result of their pitch of CANDDi to Jon Bradford.

I’ve also helped non UK startups with both M&A and investment support, e.g. two eCommerce companies in Sri Lanka, now leading brands there.

I just helped Chris Haslam of Ixis IT negotiate an exit and have started to help few other pre-revenue startups as well as mature tech companies with investor introductions.

For enquiries, do reach out to manoj.ranaweera@venture9.co.uk or call Manoj on +44 7769734491.

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