Who am I and what I have done?

My name is Manoj Ranaweera and I founded Venture 9 to formalise the help I provide to many tech entrepreneurs and businesses.

My work experience is split into two parts, as an employee of multinationals from 1992 to 2003, and as a tech entrepreneur since 2004.

With a fresh Executive MBA from Manchester Business School, I joined a technology startup as an investor employee in Sept 2004 to witness the company going into voluntary liquidation. Then I took the concept forward, but failed to deliver due to staff turnover at our development partner, as well as mistakes I made.

This led to founding Techcelerate, which built the Manchester tech ecosystem when no one supported tech entrepreneurship. Our flagship event, the UK’s only black-tie event and awards dedicated to tech entrepreneurs were acquired by boutique investment bank, GP Bullhound in 2013. In 2015, US based, Accusoft acquired my technology company, edocr.

During this tenure, I worked at BT helping them to better understand their Tier 2 and 3 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and at Causeway Technologies, initially sharing the knowledge I acquired through my first Fintech startup and later in helping to commercialise a technology project into a product, platform and company.

This led me to setup my next technology company, UnifiedVU, which I lead today.


Current projects I am working on?

As mentioned, I live and breath tech, innovation and entrepreneurship and truly understand the challenges that arise when creating new products and platforms and the eventual commercialisation of them.

Over the years, I have seen the explosion of the business software market fuelled by cloud computing, advancement of technology and the now well-established Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business model. This has led to companies using more and more software in their hunger to achieve higher productivity and revenue growth. Unfortunately, this has resulted in data been in multiple silos, which reduce one’s ability to perform at their optimum. Whilst the integration technologies allow automation of tasks and data exchange enriching your core applications, it has continued to ignore your access points, the User Interface (UI).

At UnifiedVU, we started by bringing data and functionality that matters to you from multiple silos on to one screen (UI) to help you speed up your daily jobs and workflows, whilst ensuring you have all the data necessary to make fully informed decisions.

Single Customer View


This is just the start. The technology can be used to re-skin any software, not just cloud, but legacy and on-premise, whilst preserving your existing security regimes.

UnifiedVU healthcare


Whilst UnifiedVU simplifies your software world, it can be used to create complex applications unifying multiple software applications, all in real-time, without saving any data in our servers.


How can I help you through Venture 9?

As I write, I am already working with Malinko and Accusoft to help with their strategy and commercialisation of their products and optimise their operations. I’ve also worked on a number of stealth projects which I cannot share with you yet.

Venture 9 allows me to put my engineering, operational and business experiences, know-how and skills in setting up and launching disruptive technologies, spinning out technology companies, rolling out transformational projects for large corporations, and developing ecosystems for technology companies, into good use.

I’m particularly interested in joining your teams and help with strategy, products, partnerships, deal making and representing your companies in the UK.


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